Water Leaks

Precision Locating has extensive experience and state-of-the-art electronic line and leak detection equipment to locate subsurface leaks or leaks hidden in walls and ceilings.

We accurately locate over 2500 water leaks each year.

Slab Leaks

Under slab leaks are located by mapping out the location of the underground or under slab water lines, using radio frequency line locating equipment. The signal is traced with a receiver and the profile of the lines are marked on the floor with tape. After the lines are marked, we perform a scan of the area with a thermal imaging camera looking for a possible thermal image of the leak’s approximate location. We then introduce air into the leaking water line with a hose hooked up to a faucet. The air is used to produce a discernable sound that we can audibly detect with high-tech acoustic amplification equipment.

Main Line Water Leaks

Main line water leaks typically occur outside, between the meter and the house, where non-metallic piping is commonly used. While locating the water line may seem impossible due to its non-detectable nature, our subsonic leak locating equipment enables us to pinpoint and mark the approximate location of the leak. In some instances, if a tracer wire was incorporated during the original installation, we can trace and mark the wire/pipe from end to end, providing approximate depths at various points. Rest assured, the location of the leak will be clearly marked on the ground using blue flags and paint.

Pressurized Irrigation Leaks

Pressurized Irrigation Leaks occur between the backflow and various irrigation valves throughout the property. Using our subsonic listening device, these leaks can be found and marked throughout the property using blue flags and paint.

Water Leak Surveys

If you’ve received an unexpectedly high water bill without any apparent signs of a leak, our water leak survey can help identify the underlying cause of increased water usage. We meticulously examine all pressurized lines, both indoors and outdoors, utilizing a range of specialized equipment to pinpoint the source of water loss. For instance, even a continuously running toilet auto-fill valve can consume approximately 0.33 gallons per minute or 14,256 gallons of water in a month.




Under Slab Leak - 1/16" hole Leaks = 943 Gallons Per Day