Post Tension Cables

Precision Locating specializes in the precise location of post tension cables using advanced ground penetrating radar technology. Post tension cables are commonly found in both residential and commercial buildings, serving as crucial reinforcement within concrete slabs. It is essential to accurately locate these cables prior to any cutting or drilling activities.

If you come across a stamp on the concrete floor, typically in the garage, indicating a post tension slab that should not be cut or drilled, it becomes imperative to locate the cables before proceeding with the following tasks:

  1. Remodeling projects that involve opening the slab.
  2. Slab leak repairs.
  3. Drilling for termite treatment.
  4. Installation of in-floor safes.
  5. Any instances where the slab requires drilling or cutting.

By employing our specialized techniques and cutting-edge equipment, Precision Locating ensures precise and reliable cable detection. Our goal is to prevent any accidental damage or compromise to the structural integrity of the concrete slab, guaranteeing a safe and efficient workflow for your project.

Trust Precision Locating for accurate cable detection and the protection of your concrete slab’s integrity.