At the foundation of our operations lie our core values, which are ingrained in our daily work routines, serving as a constant reminder that our customers are our top priority. But don’t just take our word for it—explore the testimonials of our satisfied customers and witness their firsthand experiences for yourself.

Identified everything in less than 90 minutes and charged less than the original quote. Solid, capable people.
Ken K.
Our technician Daniel was very professional, knowledgeable and a great sense of humor. Highly recommend!
Anita R.
Doug was on time and professional. He detected the leak to within an inch. If I have another issue, I know who to call. I highly recommend Precision Locating.
Mike L.
Great service. The technician arrived right on time at the beginning of my service window. Located and marked the water leak in a very short time. Thank you!
Scott C.
Pinpointed leak within 12 inch square. When copper pipe exposed under the concrete, the leak was in the center of their mark. Very impressed. Couple a hundred bucks. I’ve always dreaded news of a leak below the concrete floor. No more.
Brian W.
We’ve used these guys the last 7 years or so on many jobs. They have never steered us in the wrong direction. Always on time and accurate. Highly recommend!
Tyler C.
Came out same day to mark our sewer and water lines. Was efficient and helpful for a flat hourly fee.
Mayra I.
Very knowledgeable and quality service. Precision Locating offered great customer service from start to finish, the technician was highly professional but what impressed me most was his understanding of what I thought was a very difficult problem to solve. They located the leak that was underground using some really cool hi-tech equipment. But it was the experience and knowledge of the technician that made it feel like it was no longer an impossible situation to deal with. Thank you Precision Locating for helping me!
Joni V.
Doug came out and within the hour found where the leak was. Since I'm on SS the price was high for me, no discount. But will be saving money on wasting water with the leak, but can't afford anyone else to cone out and fix it. Have to do the digging myself and replace the broken pipe that is actually in my neighbors yard. These houses were built with waterlines on other peoples property. Yep that's Arizona for ya!
Margie P.
I run a plumbing company in the valley and am very happy with the services that Precision Locating has offered us. We have used their company more than 20 times to locate pressure line slab leaks and they have continuously performed exactly as their name describes, Precise.
Steve F.
I used this company to locate the septic tank on the property that I moved into. When I bought the house, it was disclosed as being on city sewer. Lo and behold, it is on septic! I called Precision Locating, and they sent Kody out to find it. He was extremely professional, helpful, and he found it in under thirty (30) minutes. I would highly recommend them.
Justin W.
I could not be more pleased with Jamie's intake/troubleshooting phone skills, and Kody/John's smoke-testing skills. The only reason I needed them twice was because my plumber didn't repair correctly the first time. Everyone was prompt, pleasant, and professional.
Tricia S.
So after two trips from a plumber, and two different restoration companies coming out to detect where water was coming from(all saying upstairs toilet) it took Doug about 3 minutes to find the actual source of the leak(downstairs fridge....yeah). Doug was great to speak to and helped walk me through the process and find out what went wrong. HIGHLY recommend Precision locating to be your FIRST call if you find water where it's not supposed to.
Shane L.
Doug came out to locate a suspected leak we had in our hot water line. He quickly and efficiently located the leak, and then went the extra mile to ensure the correct line was identified. His knowledge of plumbing helped quickly narrow down where it was and eliminate false leads. I would recommend Precision Locating again. Hopefully, I won't need their services again, but I know who to call if I do.
Dave S.
Precision Locating came out last week to help us identify where a sewer gas smell was coming from in our house. They performed a smoke test and found the problem areas in one hour. They also recommended some excellent plumbers to have out to complete the repairs. We have been in our house for almost a year and then entire time we have been trying to get this issue resolved. Thanks to these guys our house finally smells great and the plumbing was fixed without too much damage because they pinpointed exactly where the problems areas were. Hopefully we don’t need this type of service again, but if we do, these guys will be the first ones we call.
Erin C.
Doug and Cody came out on a second opinion based visit to inspect our pipes. They were referred to us by Affordable Plumbing, which is also an amazing company. Absolutely fantastic experience with them, they were on time, friendly as can be and very reasonably priced. Professional, courteous and personable, I would recommend Doug and Cody to any homeowner in Mesa! Thank you guys!!!!
Julie I.
“ It is important for me to use other trades with the same high standards and honesty that we use ourselves. I have been using Precision Locating for the last seven years and I would not use anyone else to find my leaks.”
Alan S.
“ Our experience with Precision Locating was amazing. We found them to be everything they claim to be. They were on time, found our leak fast and accurately. Their company is very professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone who has a problem that involves  leak detection.”
Larry W.
“ We have worked with Precision Locating since 2004. They are the only locating company we deal with because of their integrity. Over the years we have found them to be reliable, honest and punctual in all of our dealings. We would consider them by far, to be a premier company and highly recommend them.”
Greg O. , Eagle Plumbing Services