Smoke Testing

Precision Locating is a leader in the field of sewer odor detection.

Smoke testing is used when the source of the leak is concealed or cannot be located by any electronic means. There is no limit to the possibilities of smoke testing. If you can fill it with smoke, you can test it. It can show you not only where water and gases exit a system, but also where unwanted inflow of rainwater enters a line, creating an extra burden on the system.

Smoke testing shows you what a video inspection camera cannot see, can pinpoint what a locator cannot pinpoint and introduces your sense of smell into the testing process. In most cases the building drain does not need to be capped and that is a real time saving advantage over water testing. Another advantage is that smoke testing requires no plumbing work for set-up and allows you to test the total system under normal usage conditions. All traps are left in place so their water seal can be tested.

What sets Precision Locating apart from rest?

We only use laboratory tested LiquiSmoke.
It is the safest and cleanest way to smoke test commercial and residential buildings. LiquiSmoke DOES NOT contain toxic compounds like “zinc chloride” (the active ingredient in smoke bombs).

WARNING! NIOHS (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) says:
If zinc chloride smoke generating devices are used to generate clouds of smoke, the smoke should be considered hazardous. Participants who enter the smoke should wear a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). If Individuals experience any breathing difficulties, they should receive a medical evaluation as soon as possible.

Click on the links below for the MSDS and a report on LiquiSmoke.

Smoke Testing Notice
Maxim Report

Restaurants are notorious for rotten traps under floor sinks and floor drains. Precision Locating can easily identify failing trap primers, cracked or broken vent lines, missing clean out plugs. Smoke testing can be used to inspect HVAC systems, tanks and just about anyplace where water testing is not appropriate or a quick test is needed.