High Quality Testing

Our technicians are highly-trained and receive continuous education & training on the most current equipment and techniques.

We have the most technologically-advanced equipment available.

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Water leaks can lead to significant expenses over time. If you suspect a water leak, don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly.

Our team will promptly visit your location to detect the leak and connect you with one of our trusted plumbing service providers who specialize in top-notch repairs. Rest assured that we will find the source of the problem and help resolve it efficiently and effectively.

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What We Do

Specializing in the location of residential, commercial and industrial water leaks, ultrasonic leak detection, electric ground faults, sewer gas odor detection, video inspection of sewer lines, thermal imaging, post tension cables and the location of subsurface utilities. Upon completion of each job, a detailed report will be emailed to the customer including findings, photos, and technician’s contact information.

Why Choose Us?

  • Over 37 years of combined industry experience
  • Providing our clients with the most professional and accurate locating services
  • An independent, family-owned leak and utility locating company
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Completely unbiased results that you can trust
  • An Arizona Drug and Crime-Free Workplace
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What Our Customers Say

Pinpointed leak within 12 inch square. When copper pipe exposed under the concrete, the leak was in the center of their mark. Very impressed. Couple a hundred bucks. I’ve always dreaded news of a leak below the concrete floor. No more. Brian W.
“ It is important for me to use other trades with the same high standards and honesty that we use ourselves. I have been using Precision Locating for the last seven years and I would not use anyone else to find my leaks.” Alan S.
“ Our experience with Precision Locating was amazing. We found them to be everything they claim to be. They were on time, found our leak fast and accurately. Their company is very professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone who has a problem that involves  leak detection.” Larry W.
“ We have worked with Precision Locating since 2004. They are the only locating company we deal with because of their integrity. Over the years we have found them to be reliable, honest and punctual in all of our dealings. We would consider them by far, to be a premier company and highly recommend them.” Greg O. , Eagle Plumbing Services


Avoid Costly Mistakes

The location of underground utilities can spare you from substantial and avoidable costs. It’s important to note that Public Blue Stake solely marks public utilities up to your meter, while anything beyond the meter becomes your own responsibility.

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Precision Pets

Schatzie April 25, 2024
Our technician, Doug, discovered the perfect assistant: Schatzie, the 13-year-old bundle of energy whose favorite toy happened to be his ball, Henry! With Schatzie's determination and Henry's round charm, they formed a canine detective duo on a mission. Schatzie, the German darling, and his trusty sidekick, Henry helped Doug track down that water leak faster than you can say 'Guten Tag!’
Pearl & Ernie March 29, 2024
Doug recruited Pearl and Ernie to help find a hot water leak because Pearl's excitement rivaled the leak's temperature, and Ernie, though blind, possessed a confident nose. With Pearl's wagging tail as a divining rod and Ernie's bold sniffs, they formed quite the dynamic duo. Who needs fancy equipment when you have a white bundle of energy and a blind but brave black pup?
Shiloh February 28, 2024
Prepare to be charmed by Shiloh, the four-legged ambassador of friendliness! From the moment our technician Doug arrived, Shiloh's friendly demeanor and irresistible cuteness stole the show. With Shilo's infectious positivity leading the way, they sniffed out those clean outs and conquered a water leak survey together! Who knew a locating adventure could be so doggone delightful with Shiloh spreading cheer at every turn?
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