Hi-Quality Testing

Our technicians are highly-trained and receive continuing education & training on the most current equipment and techniques.

We have the most technologically-advanced equipment available.

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Water leaks can really add up.
Call us directly if you suspect a water leak.

We'll come out and find the leak for you and get you connected with one of our high-quality plumbing service providers who can fix the problem for you.

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Got Leaks?

We test for water, gas, sewer and drain leaks. We use a complete line of high-quality testing to find your leak quickly and accurately.

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High-Tech Testing

We have the most current training and technologically-advanced equipment available.

We provide Thermal Imaging, Ultrasonic Detection, Smoke Testing, Video Inspection and Sewer Locating.

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Precision Locating

    Specializing in the location of residential, commercial and industrial water leaks, air and gas leaks, helium leak detection, ultrasonic leak detection, electric ground faults, sewer gas odor detection, video inspection of sewer lines, thermal imaging, post tension cables and rebar locating and the location of subsurface utilities.

  • Over 37 years of combined industry experience
  • Providing our clients with the most professional and accurate locating services
  • An independent, family-owned leak and utility locating company
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Completely unbiased results that you can trust
  • An Arizona Drug and Crime-Free Workplace
  • All technicians are background checked and certified by Crimeshield








We have a complete line of high tech testing services that we provide to homeowners and to our plumbing partners that we work with. We provide fast, safe, accurate results.

If you suspect a leak you can call us to come out and locate the leak before you call a plumber. We have a full line of plumbing companies we work with after we find the leak for you.