Our Client Testimonials

A-American septic service

We have been doing business with Precision Locating since 2004.

  • Scheduling is quick and easy, if any changes in it they always call 
  • Knowledgeable
  • Good Equipment
  • Great employees
  • If there is a job that is not their expertise, they refer us to someone

They are great to work with, we never use any one else.

Wally Witham

Advanced Plumbing

It is important for me to use other trades with the same high standards and honesty that we use ourselves.

I have been using Precision Locating for the last seven years and I would not use anyone else to find my leaks.

  • They have always been professional and accurate.
  • When locating a leak their pricing is fair and their advice is priceless.
  • I would recommend them and I do to anyone needing their services. 

Alan Stein 

Eagle plumbing Services

We have worked with Precision Locating since 2004.

They are the only locating company we deal with because of their integrity. 

Over the years we have found them to be reliable, honest and punctual in all of our dealings.

We would consider them by far, to be a premier company and highly recommend them.

Gregg Olsen 

residential Client

I had water leaking into my bathroom. At first it only came into my sunken tiled tub, then it started coming onto my tiled floors. The plumber projected digging out the tiled tub and floors to get to the leak. They called Precision Locating first. Doug from the company came out and immediately calmed me down. He got right to work and very professionally and quickly located the leak. It was under the sink, behind the wall. He cut through the drywall and we found the leak was in a pipe inside a concrete block. The plumber was able to fix it for $550. Had the leak not been found, my entire bathroom would have been torn up. 

Doug was extremely nice. He walked me through what he was doing, found the leak in what felt like minutes, was so nice to my dog and cat, and was super friendly to me. I always had doubts about these locator services. I thought they were scams. Never again. I would use Precision Locating without hesitation if needed.

Debbie in P.V. 

residential Client

Our experience with Precision Locating was amazing. We found them to be everything they claim to be. They were on time, found our leak fast and accurately. Their company is very professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone who has a problem that inv loves leak detection.

Larry W. in Gilbert 

Residentail Client

I just wanted to jotyou a quick note about a trip you made out to our house to locate a leak in the slab, I wanted to let you know that you were spot on!

My husband and I were very pleased to break open the concrete and the leak was exactly where you marked  it and their were no other leaks. It was easy for my husband to fix and we were able to close up the hole and with very minimal damage at all.

Thank you very much for your good work and we would be happy to be a reference for you if you ever needed it.

    April G.