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Specializing in the location of residential, commercial and industrial water leaks, air and gas leaks, helium leak detection, ultrasonic leak detection, electric ground faults, sewer gas odor detection, video inspection of sewer lines, thermal imaging, and the location of subsurface utilities

Thermal Imaging

Precision Locating uses new state of the art color thermal imaging cameras.

Thermal imaging is an efficient, non-destructive testing method for performing money-saving energy audits and detecting problems, such as:

  • Leaks in water pipes, buried steam lines, or underground heating systems and sprinkler systems.
  • Moisture intrusion in roofing systems, walls, flooring, ceilings and other building areas.
  • Missing or inadequate insulation areas, heating or cooling loss, and HVAC/R problem areas.
  • Connection problems in low-voltage electrical systems.
  • Construction defect management.

We have portable boilers to run hot water into any line to create a hot spot that can be detected. We have successfully located sub-surface hot water lines and steam lines in congested commercial properties using thermal imaging. Anything that creates a change in temperature on the surface of an object can be seen with our thermal imaging cameras.



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Under Slab Hot Water Leak

thermal imaging of a hot water slab leak.

IR Fusion Of Above Image

thermal imaging

Hot water leak Behind the wall

Hot water leak in the wall located with a thermal imaging camera.

Inadequate or no insulation in the attic

Missing insulation in the attic found with a thermal imaging camera.

Precision Locating is a crime free workplace

Under Slab Hot Water Leak

thermal imaging IR camera

IR Fusion Of Above Image

thermal imaging IR camera

Cold Water Leak Behind Tub Wall

thermal image of a cold water leak behind the wall.

Inadequate or no insulation in the attic

Thermal Imaging energy audit  missing insulation in the attic.

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