Water Leak Size Chart

Planning Home Improvements, Avoid Costly Mistakes


Knowing these locations could save you from considerable and unnecessary expenses.
Public Blue Stake only marks public utilities up to your meter. Anything after the meter is your responsibility.

Precision Locating starts where Blue Stake leaves off. We give you the ability to plan BEFORE you put the shovel in the ground; saving you time, money and aggravation.

Planting trees? We give you the assurance you won’t plant that tree on top of your sewer line, potentially costing you hundreds of dollars to repair a collapsed line or root intrusion after a few years.

Adding a patio, addition or landscaping? Locating your sewer cleanouts or septic tank can ensure they don’t get buried below a patio or landscaping that will hinder the ability of your plumber to properly clean a blocked line or service your septic system.

Adding a swimming pool or spa? Locate all your water, sewer and electrical lines before digging starts.

Adding a built-in BBQ? Know where you can safely run the electrical, water, gas and/or drain lines.

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